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New Paris

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Horses / Donkeys

Basic Services & Charges

Within my local area.
(Up to approx. 30 minutes from my location)

Up to two 30 minute visit p/day $30

Up to two 1 hour visits p/day $40

Overnight stays $50 p/night

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Golden Endings Golden Retriever Rescue



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About Us

Animals have always been a part of our lives from way back when we were kids. We grew up with dogs both large & small and even a few cats (Calicos and Persians). Now we live on a farm & are surrounded by animals. Currently two standard donkeys, three golden retrievers, a barn cat & three love birds. For the past fifteen years we also have belonged to, volunteer with & support a Golden Retriever Rescue organization. As well as supporting our local Preble County Humane Society & Dog Gone Dog Adoptions.  We have had several rescued Goldens over the past twelve years and found out that we are not good with foster goldens as we ended up keeping the two we were fostering. Now they, along with our third Golden, can usually be found laying around the couch each with some type of stuffed animal toy in their mouths...a dog's life.

We know how hard it can be to find a dependable pet sitter these days. We have always held on to our sitters as best as we could, but over the past thirty years we have gone through a bunch. We know what our furry friends mean to us, they are our kids, except with tails. So we thought that combining our love for animals and understanding the need for dependable pet sitting / house sitting would make for an enjoyable side business.  So from that concept, "Pet Palz" was born.


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Testimonial: Pet Palz-Colin and Lori are Lifesavers! I have a very busy schedule and I have always relied on Pet Palzfor my pet sitting needs. Their pet sitting service is great. Whenever I need them they are there to save the day. When I am away from my fur babies and start to worry I can always call or txt Colin and he lets me know all is ok and they even send me pic sometimes. I highly recommend Colin and Lori's petting sitting service. Pet Palz is the way to go!     Misty from Eaton, Ohio

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